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CNC Machining

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CDG's in house CNC toolroom allows us to offer machined components and complete mould tools.

There are many advantages to using CNC Machining. The process is more precise than manual machining, and can be repeated in exactly the same manner over and over again. Due to the precision possible with CNC Machining, this process can produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve with manual machining. CNC Machining is used in the production of many complex three-dimensional shapes. It is because of these qualities that CNC Machining is used in jobs that need a high level of precision or very repetitive tasks.


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We specialise in large one off's and small batch work for various engineering disciplines and produce work to a very high standard. 

  • We work very closely with our customers, whether it be R&D - helping to develop new products or re-design old
  • Purchasing/Logistics - organising and scheduling deliveries of kits or assemblies direct to production line
  • Production – understanding and overcoming technical issues, or fixing a problem before it becomes too costly


Our CNC lathes and mills give CDG the capability to machine complex components from metals and plastics allowing our clients to have a 3D scale model.  This service can help our clients to evaluate a customised solution before committing to production or tooling.  The benefits of prototyping are to eliminate costly tooling modifications or re-works at a later date.